Rum, from molasses to tiki: Part II

In my last post (Rum, from molasses to tiki: Part I) I talked about the world of rum and the many different types of rum out there. In this post I would like to focus on Belgian rum, specifically the spiced rum we have here.

As I pointed out before, most of the Belgian rums are spiced rums. Meaning they were distilled somewhere else but spiced here (except for the Dr. Clyde rums). But what difference in aroma and taste can you create when spicing your rum? It seemed like a great idea to do a tasting and discover these differences.

First of all, how many spiced rum brands are there in Belgium? Of course I already talked about the Dr. Clyde spiced rum, but there are many more spiced rums out there on the Belgian market. I did my tasting with the products of 4 distilleries (besides Dr.Clyde). Which ones did I try?

Shack Rum Spiced
by Buss Spirits
Bottles 700ml
Shack Rum Spiced: ABV 40%

Omerta Rum
by Wilderen
Bottle 700ml
Omerta rum: ABV 35%

Infamous Rum
by Infamous designs & concepts
Bottle 500ml
Infamous rum: ABV 41%

World’s End Rum
by 2240 Social Club
Bottles 700ml
Falernum rum: ABV 35%
Tiki Spiced rum: ABV 40%
Dark Spiced rum: ABV 40%

First on the list to try was the Omerta Rum by Wilderen Distilleries. Many of you might know the brewer/distiller from St-Truiden for their Wilderen Goud beer or Wilderen Double You gin. Their Omerta rum is a blend of 5 year old Jamaican rum. It’s quite sweet and far from alcoholic. A lot of great aromas here like vanilla, cinnamon, stewed apples and a bit of violet. Because of the sugar it has a deep aftertaste as well.

After that sweet trip in Jamaica it was time for the Shack rum spiced made by Serge Buss. I knew Buss spirits mainly for their great gins but they also have 2 rums. The Shack rum gold and the Shack rum spiced. These rums are made from Barbados, Guatemalan and Trinidad rums. In taste the spiced rum has a lot of herbal tones like clove, cinnamon and ginger and vervain.
These great aromas really define this rum.

Then came the World’s End rums… Until recently I never even heard about these rums made by Lester Schutters. When researching for this post I came across it and was intrigued by the variety of his rums. Lester created his Falernum rum with Rob Biesmans from Koks & Tales (Hasselt). The Tiki Spiced rum was a collab with Tom Neijens from The Drifter (Ghent).

All these rums are very different in aromas. in the Falernum you have a bit of caramelized biscuits (Speculoos), almonds and heather. Aromas that have a lot of great childhood memories for me, since it reminds me of the Printen Kuchen from Monschau (Germany). If I had to describe it, it's the aroma of Christmas.

The Tiki spiced rum is a total cinna-bomb! After a bit of vanilla and licorice you really get a vast amount of cinnamon. Neat, this rum is not very balanced but as a cocktail ingredient this is pure gold. I Definitely plan on trying this in a few cocktails!

The dark spiced rum was great as well, in aroma I found cinnamon, coffee, chocolate, stone fruits and a bit of banana. The rum has a mouth warming feel with a fruity sweet finish.

The final rum I tried was the Infamous rum. The brand was founded in 2017 by two friends with a mission to build a brand and expand their creativity.  The rum is a blend of Trinidad/Barbados rum aged up to 8 years. This was a smooth and soft rum to taste. Aromas of vanilla, cinnamon and a bit of lime-tree blossom. This rum has a soft cacoa finish with some coffee hints.

In all honesty at the beginning of this tasting I never expected these rums to be so different in taste. My palate really saw all corners of the room. From smooth to alcoholic and herbal to fruity. What an amazing rums we have here in Belgium.

All of these rums are great products however they all excel in different aspects of the drink. My personal favourites where the Falernum and the Infamous rum. The one was the most complex and well balanced in aromas, the other has that no bullshit aroma combination added by a perfect smoothness you love in a spiced rum.

You might have seen that a few rums/spiced rums were missing in this tasting. The rums by Havn (MRU, GEO and Overproof), Churchill (Churchill Rum), Booze Brothers (Hooked rum) and the Belgian Spirits Company (Gallia Belgica Rum) are still on my to try list, but I haven’t been able to find/taste them yet.

Whether you use rum in a cocktail or want to drink it neat, the Belgium rum scene has a lot to offer! Next week I’ll be talking about rum cocktails and the Tiki bars, see you then ;-)

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