Revenge is a cocktail best served cold

As many of you know the new season of Game of Thrones started a few weeks ago and I’ll admit, I’m a fan. I’m not going to jammer the whole time about the show, but it made me think about a nice new cocktail, Margaery’s Revenge. What or who the hell is Margaery? In short, she’s one of the many power characters who dies in the span of the GOT series…

So, what are we going to make? I made a cocktail worthy of House Tyrell.
As a base I used the vodka Sauvelle, Elixir du soir.

The name of this French style vodka (41% ABV) is a contraction of the French words for wild and beautiful. It was created by Antoine and Olivier from Ossau Vins & Spiritueux. The Sauvelle has a very crisp, clean and creamy taste with hints of vanilla, almonds and cherry blossom. The distilling process of this vodka is special because it’s unchill-filtered and gets a Limousin oak-smoothing (hence the vanilla tones).

Besides the nice premium bottle (created by Stranger & Stranger) I like the fact that it uses premium local ingredients, like French wheat and water from Gensac. Also, I’m a fan of brands that try to build in sustainability in the heart of their brand essence and provide a nurturing ground for other crafts (cf. Studio Sauvelle).

I combine this vodka with some nectarine juice and some rose water (another GOT reference ;-)). To finish, I top this cocktail off with the new pink aromatic tonic by Fever Tree.

This new aromatic tonic has its vibrant pink color from angostura bark. The combination of angostura bark and quinine is refined with sweet herbal flavors like ginger from Cochin and cardamom from Guatemala.
It’s a very smooth addition to the Fever Tree family that’s able to stand alone but is great in cocktail recipes as well.

The combination of herbal tones (vanilla, ginger, cardamom) and fruity notes (cherry blossom, nectarine, rose water) makes for a refreshing and smooth cocktail.

You’ll find the whole recipe here:

Margaery’s Revenge:


-       2 Ounces of vodka Sauvelle
-       ½ Ounce of rose water
-       2 Ounces of nectarine juice
-       2,5 Ounces of Fever Tree Pink Aromatic Tonic
-       1 egg whites
-       Fresh rose leaves


To make this cocktail, first make a juice from fresh/ripe nectarines. Take about 2 ounces and add 2 ounces of Sauvelle vodka in a shaker. Then add about half an ounce of rose water and a bit of ice. Shake it nice and clean. Poor the content in a champagne coupe glass.

Then top it off with about 2,5 ounces of Fever Tree Pink Aromatic Tonic. I love to put a layer of egg white foam on this one since it gives that bit of style to a cocktail. The whites are easy to make, just shake up some egg whites. Just make sure you don’t shake too long else it becomes too thick.

As a garnish I love to take a few rose leaves and build half a circle on the edge of the glass. Et voila, the perfect revenge, served cold ;-)

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