Mumm RSRV, about exclusivity and oblique corners

Champagne, arguably the most culturally accepted drink for festivities and celebration. Personally, I’m one of those people who only drinks champagne a few times a year to keep the moment “special”. Come to think of it, it’s amazing how champagne brands were able to put the drink on a pedestal like that. But then again, you have some very special champagnes out there right?

A few days ago I was invited to an exclusive event by the champagne house Mumm. The occasion was the launch of a new range of champagnes, the RSRV (reserved). Venue was the Golf des Sept Fontaines in Braine-l’Alleud (Belgium), which is really a fantastic venue btw!

Back to Maison Mumm, although it’s a champagne house that definitely earned its stripes, I actually didn’t know that much about it. So, of course I delved into the brand to see what it’s all about. Once again I experienced why I love blogging about drinks, every brand has a story to tell…

The story of Maison Mumm is built on the vision that only the best will do. With that in mind they created their now famous Cuvée Mumm Blanc de Blanc. In the past these Blancs de Blancs were well known, but only reserved for the most exclusive parties from the Elysée Palace to the Cannes Festival. The custom was to always deliver the bottles with a business card where the corner of the card was turned down to indicate that it was delivered in person. The new label for the RSRV champagne made a subtle allusion to that story with an oblique corner.

That same unique and exclusive character of these champagnes is still in play by making the 2 secret RSRV cuvées only reserved for the Mumm friends and accessible through exclusive distribution.

Now, what are these 2 secret Cuvées? Well, there is the RSRV Blanc de Blanc 2012 and the RSRV Cuvée 4.5. I had the opportunity to try the Blanc de Blanc Cuvée at the launch event and it really didn’t disappoint.

The Blanc de Blanc was made exclusively with Chardonnay grape from the Cramant terroir (one of 17 champagne villages ranked as Grands Crus). Little trivia, the Champagne type is called Blanc de Blanc (White of Whites) because it’s only made from white Chardonnay grapes.

This champagne has a nice citrus palate with a touch of white blossom aroma and an elegant mineral taste. It also has very fine and delicate bubbles that seem to intensify the finish. Really a perfect aperitif champagne. Must pair amazingly with sea food as well!

The other Cuvée is the 4.5. which is in short a unique blend of grapes from 5 Champagne villages (ranked as Grands Crus). In this blend we have 40% Chardonnay and 60% Pinor Noir, aged in cellars for 4 years. Personally I haven’t tried this complex champagne yet, but after what I tasted with the Blanc de Blanc it’s definitely on my list now…

So, If you fancy an exclusive and pure champagne, this should be right up your alley. Tell me, what’s your favorite champagne? Let me know in the comments ;-)

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