Mercado, summer break is over

Food markets, as I’ve already said I’m a big fan of them! I do love a place where great food, superb drinks and a nice ambience go hand in hand.

On the 15th of October last year we had our very first food market in Belgium, Mercado.
The venue is the old postal office at de Groenplaats in Antwerp, what a location! Always nice to see these old worn out places get a new destination! Same story with the Holy Food Market in Ghent btw, great way to make an old church into something new.

Back to Mercado, as some of you know I’m visiting Antwerp quite a lot (love that city), so it won’t be a surprise that I’ve been to this food market before. I was especially partial to the bubble waffles and the Wagyu burgers…. Wasn’t alone in that regard, more than 200.000 foodies visited this venue since its opening, quite an insane number…

It’s amazing that this kind of concept can become a launching pad to introduce new types of food. The Asian venue Sum Sum started its own restaurant for example. Mixco (Mexican cuisine), Malars (Malasian cuisine), Yalla Yalla (Beirut Streetfood) and Karnivoor (Meat heaven) all have a second location now in other food halls.
Bubble waffles a hype coming from Hong Kong also found its way to the Belgian foodie and is without a doubt the most instagrammed phenomenon.

Because a Negroni is always a good idea
Now, after a summer closing of one month Mercado is reopening with a few new food stands and new concepts. A lot of the "old" stands are definitely still there, so don't worry about your bubble waffle craze or that itching hunger for a wagyu burger. So, What’s new in this food market?

From now one every Friday and Saturday will be “dinner and dance” day. Nice combination of food and dance.

Foodwise they also have a few new food stands that don’t disappoint.

Babba Beirut
A whole lot of different Middle Eastern specialities like Humus, tabbouleh and baba ganoush! Always love this kind of kitchen, a lot of spices and aromas, must try! 

I love coffee, it’s one of those addiction I treasure ;-) That means that everything coffee related is something I need to try. The moment I heard coffee in a cone I said “bring it on”. Nice breakfast venue here with a playful spin, and of course, great coffee. They also have a venue in the Volksstraat 53 (Antwerp) if you're craving breaky all day long...

Baby Freakshakes :-p

Tuscan Garden by Fiasco
The people behind Meat&Eat/Fish&Eat now have a venue with Italian cuisine. Very authentic recipes with a nice refreshing aspect to them. Flavors are very authentic and dishes taste great!

Nemo’s Sushi
Since my dad is a Japan lover I practically grew up on sushi. This place takes the craft of sushi and gives a modern twist to it. Love the Sushi burgers, saw these in the States the last time I was there but never had it before.

Haven’t been to Mercado before? I can definitely recommend it. This weekend it’s the official season opening, so be sure to stop by and enjoy!!

Groenplaats 43
2000 Antwerp

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