Mojito Solera

Has been a few weeks since my last post. Like a lot of you I've been enjoying the sun, sipping drinks and grilling stuff on the BBQ. With weather like this it's awesome to try out some new refreshing summer cocktails. Today I tried to combine summer in a glass with a new version of the mojito.

Mojito, without a doubt one of the best known cocktails in the world. The sheer poetry that's been written about this drink (mainly thanks to Hemingway's love of this drink) makes you fantasize about Cuban beaches and sun. Although I'm a big fan of the original recipe with mint I wanted to make this one a bit different.

As a base I use the white rum by Havana Club. Definitely one of my favorite white rums to work with. Also perfect to use in cocktails. I always find it peculiar that when you talk to people about rum in general it always boils down to a story of Havana Club Vs Bacardi. Honestly I like to work with both rums, love the stories behind them and love the products.

Next up, I made a coulis of strawberry and basil, two things that always remind me of summer. The combination of the two is just fantastic, it feels like a refreshing summer aroma. Just mix a bunch of strawberries and a handful of basil and then syphon the content.

Put the coulis, cane sugar, rum and ice in a shaker and shake like a madman. Poor out in a cooled glass (filled with crushed ice) and add a squeeze of lime and finish with a dash of soda water. Finish this one of with a slice of strawberry and a few leaves of basil.
Love it! Let me know what you think ;-)

5cl Rum
cane sugar
10cl Strawberry-Basil coulis
Dash of Soda Water
Crushed Ice

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