The spice merchant, a recipe for the explorer

If there is one thing besides marketing I really love is futzing around in the kitchen and creating new food and drinks combinations.

This time I tried to create a cocktail with rum. Rum is an interesting but less known drink, especially in Europe (thanks to popularity of gin and whisky). In Belgian only a few brands have their own rums, mostly just spiced. The real distillate always comes from the Caribbean region. The rum I used here is the Havana Club (anejo especial). It’s a nice rum that lends perfectly to a use in cocktails.

The cocktail I have created has a base of rum (which I infused with ras el hanout and filtered through a coffee filter. I combined the infused rum with apple juice and a touch of Amontillado sherry. Combining it into a sweet but spicy and complex cocktail.

You might ask yourselves why I use an Amontillado sherry. Since I’m already combining a sweet distillate with apple juice I need a component that has harmony but just that nudge of contrast as well. A Cream or PX sherry would be too sweet. A Palo Cortado or Fino would be too bitter. In my opinion an Amontillado works best (perhaps an Oloroso as well).

Poor this into a cooled martini glass and finish with an egg whites foam. You can make this by taking an egg white and shaking in to a foam in a shaker. I add a few drops of lime. This gives the silky foamy texture of the whites that nice bit of acidity. As a garnish, I finished this one off with a few slices of green apple.

Try it out and let me know what you think ;-)

The Spice Merchant:
Rum (not spiced) 5cl
Ras el hanout 1 tsp
Amontillado Sherry (I use Gonzales Byass) 1cl
Apple juice natural non-sugared 4cl
1 green apple (as garnish)
1 egg (only whites)

1 lime

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