Tea time with Mary

Always fun to combine things that might not seem very apparent and to mix these together. That’s exactly what happened in this cocktail I tried. I used 2 products I really loved and looked how I could mix them together.

What did I match? I made a cocktail with a base of Mary White vodka, infused with the Moments 1 tea by CaféCouture.

My love for the products of Deluxe Distilleries is hardly a secret. Thomas and Sophie make awesome premium products that are pure treasure, both to the eye (packaging) as to the taste palate.

I wanted to combine their vodka with my favorite tea brand, Café Couture. I got to know their products when I was on a trip in Antwerp and stumbled across their store. What I love is that this brand changes the “boring” perception of tea. Making it hip and innovative. Just like Deluxe Distilleries it’s the whole package I love, product and packaging.

So, for my cocktail I infused the Mary White with the Moments tea (which is Bergamot, lemongrass, lemon peel and juniper berry) and added a bit of lemon juice. To top off I used the Fever Tree Mediterranean tonic. The whole cocktail has a refreshing Mediterranean vibe with a solid dry vodka base, love it!!

As a garnish, I used a piece of lemongrass wrapped in zest of lemon. Highlighting the refreshing character of this cocktail. This one screams for a beach and some sun ;-)

Try it out and let me know what you think!

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