Mary's Aloha, a summer vibe

As a kid my parents always took me with them when they traveled. When I look at that now, I see that this gave me a very broad view of the world. A huge part of this view is always and will always be food & drinks. I’m constantly looking for recipes I haven’t tried or kitchens I know nothing about yet.

Today, I delved once again into a cuisine that makes me think of summer, Hawaiian cuisine. A type of streetfood lunch I really love here is poke. Bit by bit it’s starting to become a hype all over the world. Best known is the poke with tuna or salmon but this time I wanted to try one with shrimps (Holy Shrimp Poké recipe by pokebowl Rotterdam).

However, with this nice summer vibe I wanted to make an exquisite cocktail that could match the vacation mood of my dish.

For this cocktail, I used the Mary White vodka by Deluxe Distilleries. You might remember them from my previous posts the definition of a premium concept and the Blind Tiger has come to town. This awesome vodka has an amazing dry and robust character that makes it ideal to have as a base in building your cocktail.

Next up is the Saint-Germain liquor. This is a liquor made from elderflowers, it has a very sweet and refreshing aroma that combines well with the robust touch of the vodka. I’ve learned to know the brand on a burlesque brunch and was immediately sold by the pure aroma of the drink.

Finally, we finish this cocktail with the new Yell’Oh beer by Duvel Moortgat. This is a beer with aromas of elderflower, pineapple, lemon, apple and basil. In short, it’s a pure exotic summer beer.

Combine the liquor and vodka in a cooled glass, add crushed ice and top off with the Yell’Oh beer. Finish with a leaf of basil and spray the glass with some folded peel of lime (it will have released its esters which will come in contact with the glass).

Try it, and let me know what you think! ;-)

Mary’s Aloha:
Crushed ice
5 cl Mary White
2 cl St-Germain
Yell’Oh Beer 

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