Fïnley: mature in taste, natural in flavor

The problem with the drinks category is that the assortment for non-alcoholic beverages is quite thin to say the least. Or flat, if we're talking flavor. And yes, I know the mocktail scene has already changed that a bit. But, there's a lot of room for improvement. So, lets talk innovation & marketing.

That a lot of brands try to create products that have a healthier (read: less calories and sugar) aspect is nothing new. However, some brands really work that fact into their strategy. One of those brands is Coca-Cola, doesn't really need an introduction, right?

Coca-Cola's strategy is to reduce the sugars in their beverages with at least 10% by 2020. Multinational or not, that's a quite a statement.

One of the products they want to market in that section is Fïnley. The beverage was introduced in 2014 as a soda-ish drink for grownups. Call it more refined in both taste and aroma. In Belgium more than 70% of all consumers of the drink are over 30 and that's still rising. Not bad for a Belgian designed product that took 3 years of R&D to create.

Right now Fïnley has over 6 flavors ranging from lemon & elder blossom to the Royal with white grapes and grapefruit. Personally I'm a big fan of the grapefruit and blood orange. Really love the aroma's in these drinks. 

What else is in the assortment? Well, besides the ones I already mentioned they also have Orange/Cranberry, a Mojito (Lime/Mint) and a Spritz (with an Italian twist of Blood Oranges). 

Nowadays the brand is focusing on local ambassadors for their campaign. The campaign consists of 2 TV-commercials, outdoor advertising, magazine ads and their online platforms. The faces of the campaign are Belgian presenters Cath Luyten and Sandrine Dans (showing Coca-Cola is mainly focusing on women with this drink).

The campaign was created by Sra Rushmore 
Photography: Kurt Stalwart
Location: The Alcazar in Paris
Nice spot with two major messages: 
1 You need to be mature to enjoy/savor the drink.
2 The drink focusses on natural flavors.

Have you tried it before? Tell me what you think. 

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