3 Must-eats in San Francisco

San Francisco is a food hub in the United States. The city offers a wide array of restaurants, shacks, pop-ups and so on. Everyone will find something that is to their liking.
In this post I want to highlight 3 dishes you must try when you’re in the neighborhood.

First Up, are the crêpes at the Crêpe Café. This is a small shack at Pier 39, one of the touristic centers in the city. The whole of Fisherman’s Wharf is always swarming with tourists looking for a San Franciscan trinket or a fish restaurant. In the evening this place really comes to life and has a very nice atmosphere.

The Crêpe Café is in the center of the ambiance of Pier 39. The small shack offers a lot of different crêpes ranging from sweet (with Girardelli’s chocolate, a chocolate brand that started in San Francisco over 160 years ago) to savory (with spinach, red onion, feta and cheddar).

I personally only knew the Breton (French) crêpes that are mostly topped with eggs, sausages, bacon and cheese. For me this new style of crêpes was absolutely fabulous! My favorite at this shack was definitely the crêpe with fresh crab, avocado, and Monterey Jack…mmmmmm, you have to try this!

The crêpes are budget friendly and easy to eat on the go. No need for reservations here just go inside and order your delight ;-)

The Crêpe Café
PIER 39, Space D-3
San Francisco, CA 94133
(415) 318-1494 (415) 318-1494

Fri & Sat: 9am–10pm

You’ll find my number two must-eat dish in San Francisco at Leo’s Oyster Bar. A small but cozy venue in the heart of the Financial District. You’ll find a nice combination here of Seafood/bar classics and craft cocktails. Make sure you wear shirt and long pants since this is, especially at lunch, a business venue.

As an appetizer, I highly recommend you to try the raw bar. They have a nice assortment of fresh succulent oysters and let’s be honest that’s an epic way to start a lunch.

When staying in San Francisco I wanted to try the clam chowder here since there are many fine recipes in the city. In Leo’s Oyster Bar you’ll get an atypical San Francisco clam chowder (since it’s not served in a sourdough bread bowl) but that aside this dish was refined and pure, delicious! Their recipe is composed out of Manilla clams, bacon, vegetables, citrus and herbs.

Best to make a reservation beforehand, this place gets stacked fast.

Leo’s Oyster Bar
568 Sacramento Street
San Francisco, CA 94111

Open - Lunch
Mon-Fri: 11:30am-2:30pm
Open - Dinner
Mon-Wed: 5:30pm-10pm
Thur-Sat: 5:30pm-11pm

You’ll find my third must-eat in San Francisco in the hipster spot Liholiho Yacht Club. This place combines Californian Cuisine with Hawaiian Cuisine, what’s not to like! This is my kind of restaurant, great food, great vibe, epic beverage menu!

As a starter, the Tuna Poke (with sesame oil, radish and a nori cracker) and the fried oyster (with beef carpaccio, 1000 island and butter lettuce) are a must. These appetizers have texture, flavor, finesse all in a few bites.

Of course, it’s always nice to have an appetizer together with a great cocktail. Try “The Coop” with mescal, pineapple and cava, great aperitif. Besides a craft cocktail menu they have a very nice menu of craft beers. I loved the Altamont “Maui Waui’ IPA, bitter but floral.

Tip: There’s also a great cocktail bar in the restaurant, Louie’s Gen-Gen room, haven’t done it yet, but looked awesome!

Tuna Poke

Fried Oyster
As a main I had the roasted octopus with curried raisins, castelvetrano, butterball potatoes and fresh coriander. Well well, this is insanely great octopus and the flavors combine so well together!

Octopus with curried raisins
Finally, we were eyeballing the dessert menu. To be honest I’m totally not a lover of desserts, my taste always bends to salty flavors. However, if there is ever a dessert you need to try it’s the baked Hawaii with caramelized pineapple ice cream and vanilla chiffon. This is a highly complex dessert with a wide array of texture, simply amazing!

Baked Hawaii
After a dinner in Liholiho the only sad thing is you couldn’t try everything on their menu in one session, it all looks superb!! So, try this one out as well, believe me, it won’t disappoint!

This really is a very popular place so make sure you make reservations well ahead of time.
We tried a walk-in and were one of the lucky ones who still had a seat that evening.

Liholiho Yacht Club
871 Sutter Street
San Francisco, CA 94109

Mon-Thur: 5pm-10:30pm
Fri & Sat: 5pm-11pm

Let me know what you guys think of these hotspots. Anything to add?

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