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Well it has been quite a while since I wrote anything on my blog. The balance between work and pleasure keeps me busy ;-)
I did however want to take the time to write about the opening of the “Holy” Food Market in Ghent (Gent, BE).

Last Saturday it was the opening weekend of this new venue in the capitol of East Flanders. Food markets are popping up all over the globe, well-known markets like Gansevoort Market (NYC), Mercat de la Boqueria (Barcelona) and Borough Market (London) are but a few examples. Of course we Belgians had to keep up. A while ago Antwerp already gave Belgium its first indoor foodmarket with Mercado, now we have a new one in the Ghent as well.

I must say I’m a big fan of concepts where people repurpose old buildings into something much better. I heard a local saying that a year ago this church was infested with pigeons and quite frankly a ruin. Today that is far from the case…

We entered the church and were welcomed by the chocolates of Darcis and Carl’s Cuberdons, nice start! Glad to see that a product like Cuberdons (or noses as they are often called) got its place here in this sanctuary of food. We continued to the main room and saw a hall filled with about 17 foodbars all with a different cuisine.

First of all we tried a few cocktails at the bar (Bar Brut). Most cocktails were vermouth based, definitely not bad, but a bit sweet to my taste. As a nice side to our cocktails we tried the handmade croquettes by Bubba, delish!! You must try the mix of croquettes, perfect appetizer! After some Utah oysters at Sea Me and a “Pride” hotdog by Frank & Brut we tried the Host-T foodbar.

I already gave them marks for making a concept that was nice in line with the church but didn’t really know what to think until I tried the food. We had the hosties with oyster and dip and a hotsie (hot hostie) with pulled pork. Wow, real nicely done, epic flavors and great concept!! For me personally this was the epiphany of the day!

Finally we had a waffle at the Magnum bar. These people were one of the first brands to jump on personalizing their product and have succeeded with flying colors.
Nice to see them doing something next to the personalized ice cream as well.

The only thing I really missed at the Holy Food Market was a descent coffeebar, perhaps something to think about in the coming years.

Anyways I’m definitely going back and trying a few of the other kitchens. Still on my list is of course the beer craft bar, Yalla Yalla (Beirut streetfood), Taberna Lisboa (Portugese tapas), Karnivoor (Everything Meat), Avo (everything avocado), Malar’s (Malaysian Cuisine), Marussia (Eastern European Cuisine) and Lovine’s (La dolce Napoli).

If you already went, let me know what your thoughts were.
Want to visit?

Beverhoutplein 15
9000 Gent

Mondays to Fridays
Saturdays to Sundays

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