The definition of a premium concept

A few weeks ago a new concept saw the light in the fair city of Kortrijk. That concept is Café Privé. Café Privé is a premium bar/shop created by Deluxe Distillery founders Thomas Baert and Sophie Gheysens. It’s a perfect place to try their products and taste them in a cocktail. 

Last Thursday there was a Thursty Thursday event at Café Privé. On this evening Jan Van Ongevalle (The Pharmacy Cocktailbar, Knokke) made mind-staggering cocktails for us to try. This however is just the beginning for Café Privé… It’ll also be possible to do cocktail workshops, tasting or events, this in association with The Pharmacy. Where do I sign up!

To the people who might not now Deluxe Distillery a small introduction…
The distillery was founded in 2014 and makes premium spirits. You might have heard of gins like Blind Tiger or the cult gins Bonny & Clyde. They even started with an amazing vodka a while ago named Mary White.
As many of you know I’m a real big fan of the brand. Not only are Thomas and Sophie lovely people, but their products are pure and simply delicious. They have succeeded in creating a brand that makes an extra layer in a premium industry.

Their whole experience is interwoven with premium aspects, from the logo to the packaging to something as small as coasters. I’m sure this new concept will help build and solidify their premium status as a brand.

As for Café Privé… Definitely a must try 
(check Facebook for opening hours)

Café Privé
Grote Kring 9, 8500 KORTRIJK

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