A very burlesque brunch by St-Germain

Epic venue at the botanical gardens
Well it has been quite a while hasn’t it? Trying to balance my life between work – blog and GF is quite a challenge for a workaholic like me. ;-)
Yesterday I found the time to visit the St-Germain Burlesque brunch at the botanical gardens in Meise (Brussels) and guess what, it was amazing!
The burlesque ladies of Cabaret Rouge
Special guest at this event was the delightful Global Brand Ambassador Camille. A woman passionate about food, drinks and St-Germain of course! She gave us a nice introduction in the St-Germain brand. 
My GF, me and Camille
For the people who don’t know the brand, it’s a French liqueur made from fresh elderflower mixed with pure alcohol and an eau de vie of grapes. ABV is 20%, which makes it perfect to make cocktails with that extra edge you’re always looking for. The brand saw the light in 2007 and is now part of the Bacardi portfolio.
The aroma is really like smelling an elderflower bush, fruity with a deep floral palate. In flavor you have a nice fruity taste of grapefruit, grapes and elderflower. Probably nice in a gin as well (mixing a dry gin with St-Germain and a neutral tonic).
The event itself started with a nice brunch. Each of the dishes was accompanied by a cocktail with St-Germain. My two favs here were l’Ours et la poupée and Coeur de joie (recipes below). All cocktails were named after a Brigitte Bardot movie, totally in sync with the brands appearance.
The l'Ours et la poupée with a crusty egg with green asparagus
and hollandaise sauce, based on St-Germain
Of course it was named a burlesque brunch so we had a nice show by the ladies of Cabaret Rouge. Stylish and a awesome show aspect I must say. Brunch and burlesque it’s a winning combo for me ;-)
The Cabaret Rouge ladies
The bottle itself is remarkably iconic. It really has that roaring twenties vibes (who is thinking Great Gatsby here?). Every aspect, from the monolithic 8-sided glass to the geometric pattern and the copper colored cap make it a true authentic packaging.
After the inspirational day we got a nice DIY kit to start creating
our own cocktails ;-)
Kudos to the brand and to Pravda for organizing this event (epic location!), really was nicely done! 
Bottle can be found at your expert spirit stores (price €34,99 euro).
Who has tried this one before? What cocktail did you make with it?
L’Ours et la poupée

4cl Dewars 12 whisky infused with bacon
1,5cl St-Germain
1,5cl Maple syrup
1 Dash of Angostura Bitters
1 Dash Grapefruit Bitters
Prune d’Agen
Garnish: Dry bacon slice & orange peel with cloves
Coeur de Joie

2cl Yuzu juice
2 kumquats
3,5cl Star of Bombay
2cl St-Germain
Garnish: Shizo puple leaves

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